The Luna Park Boy

After a long time, I go back to writing a story and I do it by writing about a real episode that happened only 5 days ago.
Like every year in the city where I live, being on the sea, Luna Park arrives in June. It is a world that has always fascinated me. As a child because I have always enjoyed the rides, taking advantage of the summer holidays and the biggest because those and those of the rides I always find them very attractive and attractive for my most hidden fantasies. The case is that the Luna Park is right next to the bike path where I walk every morning with my bike for a healthy walk. And passing through, I always have an eye to admire those handsome guys intent on mounting the rides, often without a shirt under the scorching sun.
Just a week ago, my eyes saw something that made me jump. A perfect guy for those who are my tastes: about 1 meter and seventy in height, blond hair held with gel, slightly sturdy. He wore a pair of cloth shorts that featured a fantastic package. I would have discovered only later that he was 26 years old and, although I generally like boys a little older, I could not take my eyes off of that guy who is from his package. That day, when I came back from my bike ride, I looked back in his direction and saw that he had taken off his shirt. The cock became hard in an instant: a light bacon and two handsome pectorals covered with revealing blond hair that were revealing, a clear sign that he had not shaved for a while. He was lifting a steel cable and then he was with his arms raised showing his armpits, also covered with blond hair and wet with sweat. It was too much for me ... I ran home and masturbated thinking of him, his smell, the taste of his cock, the warmth of his body on me while I fucked my ass.
In the following days I still passed there and each time it was sexier than ever. I began to look at him insistently, until, in the end, I met his gaze. I tried a look almost annoyed and annoyed but I did not give up ... I wanted to at least continue to admire and fantasize about him. A flash of genius, however, came to me only 5 days ago ... behind the square of Luna Park there is a small wood, from which I often saw the boys return to the Luna Park and imagined that they had gone there for their needs while they they were working. So I decided to dare a bit 'and, parked the bike, I entered the grove waiting for who knows what. I sat on a broken trunk and began to look at the phone to fool the wait. I saw a couple of boys arrive, settle behind a bush and piss, but not even his shadow. After half an hour I heard the sound of footsteps approaching, making their way through the branches of the trees and I began. It was him, without a shirt and with the usual shorts that adhered perfectly to his package, completely wet with sweat. He saw me too, and for a moment he hesitated. I thought he wanted to go back, instead he greeted me with one hand, he suddenly lowered his shorts and underpants and started pissing in front of me. My head started to turn around and I thought I was fainting: his cock was perfect. It was still limping, but it was already clear that it was very large. I kept my eyes fixed on his pissing tool and I did not realize he was staring at me. When the piss was over, he put his dick back in his pants and I came back to me. I threw myself on his knees at his feet like the worst of the sluts and tried to lower his trousers. But he stopped me. He told me he was married and that, despite his 26 years, he already had 2 children. He made me get up, took me by the hand and took me to a more sheltered place. "Now you can kneel!", He told me again. I have not repeated it twice: I threw myself on the ground and lowered my shorts and underwear. I made my face jump on his bird trying to breathe all the smell. Slowly it started to get tough and I could admire all its 20 cm, frightfully wide. I began to lick the chapel still wet from the previous piss and touch my balls, licked the whole rod to enjoy all its flavor but he urged me to hurry because he did not have much time. And so I swallowed everything, sucking it like crazy. He tried to appreciate his plan not to be heard, but he felt he wanted to come as soon as possible. He grabbed me by the ears and started fucking my mouth. He really knew how to do it. But then he stopped and I feared he wanted to leave for fear that someone would find out. Instead he took off his shorts and underwear, made me stand up, turned me, leaning against a tree, lifted my right leg and penetrated me. Strongly, brutally.
All his enormous 20 cm came into me in one fell swoop. I felt excruciating pain. He understood it and paused for a moment to give me time to recover. But then he rested his sweaty body on my back and started pumping like crazy. I felt my ass opening under the blows of his beautiful bird. The smell of his sweat was sending me into ecstasy, and so I soon found myself on the trunk to which I was leaning. But he did not lose heart. He continued to fuck my ass grunting like a pig, until I heard him panting louder, a clear sign that he was about to come. I unloaded all of his cum inside me, remained still for a moment, stopped to recover and then came out of me. Yes, he cleaned the bird with leaves, covered himself and went into the bushes as he had arrived. I stood there, my ass dripping with cum and completely broken by his cock. I put my hand on the little hole, picked up the cum that came out and brought it to my mouth. I wanted to feel the taste of my handsome Luna Park cum. .blowjobfacial

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